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It's been 3 years since I discover you and Arashi

Embracing destiny
I was first drawn to you by your amazing portrayal of a spoiled, flawed and lost man in love
You learn my respect then as an actor
But it was when I saw your real self having fun on stage that really turned me into a fan
I was moved by your command over the stage
the way you put 200% of your energy in everything you do
The passion that ignites from you

My respect just doubled for you and your 4 equally amazing buddies

Embracing beauty
I can't believe I didn't find you attractive at first (blaming that perm and my cousin)
But I guess it was a question of time before I got attacked by those moles, those eyes, those lips which just ignited a fire in me that still burns high and bright in the very core of my soul

Embracing your insecurities
Through the shows I discovered a deep complex, shy guy who was fighting his insecurities
I felt close to you on a personal level because of those exteme contradicting feelings that inhabited within yourself and generated equally contradicting behaviour (from DoM to DoS, from being cheesy to being stoic)
But you're coming to term with your inner self and you're letting that dorky self comes out more
I love that you're a fighter and that you're not letting yourself be defeated
You're my inspiration in that sense

Embracing your talent
Your acting skills, your performer skills never ceased to amaze me
and the recent 24htv show just added to my respect for you
I feel you can do whatever you want as long as you keep that dedication level of yours
I want to be there to support you, to cheer for you, to wash away your nervousness, always

Celebrating the Man
To the man whom I gave all my respect
To the man I admire so much
To the man who took my breath away
To the man who stole my heart

I just want to say: I love you!

and I wish you a very Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

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