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I've been screaming and clapping for the past hour now and one thing i have to say is that i feel sorry for my neighbours!!!!

I've been sulking all day waiting to be home and watch the show and damn!! I wasn't disappointed!!!!

I don't know which part got the most screams from me, Sho's Sakuprise? Jun's bodeeh? the song intro? the outfits? Jun's leg kicking?
Just picture me, i was regular screaming and clapping and then Sakumoto part!!!!
I just screamed my heart out!! because it was so unexpected!!!
then back to regular screaming and clapping lmao!!!

The choreography is so fresh, they moved so smoothly
Loved the little not so impromptu dance parts!! It feels like street artist just jamming outside for their own and people pleasure!
Some parts make me think of those old days way of dancing and that is so cool!
The clothing style also. It may be too far fetched but I sense some inspirations from the choregraph nonetheless

They were all so beautiful
they've been in the youth fountain or what! It's like they've been reborn
ok i'm exageratting but i don't care!!!! lmao!!

Let me exagerate the fun i'm having, the ha^^iness i'm feeling!!!

i almost forgot how pissed i am at JE for not giving us a dome dvd, including the sakuprise (i'll keep that for when i'll be back to earth!)

the sakuprise was, i don't even have words!
i'm sure Taboo was Jun's idea.
and Sho's laugh when he discovers the thing! so priceless!

people top 10 arashi song
I was laughing at their old songs!
I laughed even more when i saw the wish vtr! I thought it was when they were poor lmao!
they sure come a long way, ne!

You can see their evolution.

I giggled so much during the A.RA.SHI vtr.
They were so disorganized, it's like they were dancing each one a different song lol and their moves made no sense at all lmao!!!

And once again loved, loved the outfits!

Ok i'll go lie down for a moment to calm down a bit, i feel like i'm on drugs or something!
or watch the show for the gazillioon times already!!!


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